6 genuine ways to earn money online

Hello friend, in this blog post let me share 6 genuine ways to earn money online with least investment for students, professionals, home makers and anyone who are eager to make some extra cash online

I have personally tested and experienced these methods and hence sharing what I have learnt so far.

Trust me, you can earn money online with zero investment to bare minimum investment.

Based on my experience, I have categorized the ways to earn money online into 6 streams. I will be sharing these things and will elaborate more on each category in future posts.

so, what are these 6 genuine ways to earn money online?

6 genuine ways to earn money online

Here are the 6 genuine ways to earn money online which I personally explored and experienced.

  1. Digital Products
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Blogging
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. Services

Digital Products

How to earn money by selling your products?

The very first genuine way to make some extra cash online is to develop your own products. Yes, you heard me right.

When did you buy a smartphone or any gadget last time? Or when did you do a online shopping last time?

May be couple of days ago?

So, if you have done online shopping that means you brought some product which was built/developed by some person or a company and you paid for the product and they made money.

Did you get my point?

Product – its not only online but also offline. Every thing we buy here and there is a product and we pay cash for it.

So, now you got to know the power of products to earn money. But, the question is what kind of product I need to build with zero investment?

How to build digital products and earn money online?

To earn money online through products we need to build digital goods which we can sell and people are looking for.

So, what kind of digital products are people looking for?

  1. PDF’s
  2. PPT Templates
  3. Blogger Templates
  4. WordPress Themes
  5. Software’s
  6. Mobile Apps and many more.

I will share a detailed analysis of digital products which you can build and earn money in future posts.

Here, for an example I will be sharing one product idea which I build and sold online and made some extra cash.

If you search for “Current Affairs in Kannada January 2019 PDF” in google you will get to see my product listed 1st on google page. You can check out few products which I built and selling it online.

All I did was collecting the current affairs information and compiling it to a user readable format i.e PDF and that too in my regional language Kannada.

Why Digital Products?

Digital products are the best way to earn money online. You know why? because, you need to build it once and earn money for rest of the life whenever a sale happens.

You need to put your time, effort and skills once Or you need to get a product developed by a freelancer and sell it in market.

Codecanyon is one of the platform where you can find millions of digital products in many categories. The product owner is selling the goods to public with minimum cost say $10 and earning for a each sale.

Isn’t it a good idea?

Digital products is an example of passive income too. Build once, Earn lifetime!

Affiliate Marketing

If you think building product is not my cup of tea, then Affiliate Marketing is definitely an alternative to it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, you sell others product and make some money as commission

In case of products, you sell your product and get all the money to your pocket. In case of affiliate marketing, you need to sell product build by a 3rd party and earn money as commission pay.

Simple and easy way, right?

Still, its a vast subject to learn. You need to target the right audience and the product to sell to get god commission.

You don’t need to pay or invest a single penny to start affiliate marketing!

You can start with a social media page or groups, build audience and start promoting the products using the links. That’s it!

I will cover in depth details and ideas to start with affiliate marketing in future posts.

Social Media

Did you know, you can earn money online using Facebook?

Yes, not only Facebook but also all major social media platforms.

Social Media is a powerful platform now. It can make you or break you. You need to choose and use it wisely.

So, how to earn money online using social media?

You can use below social media platforms to earn money online.

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Quora
  6. Telegram
  7. WhatsApp

Will deep dive into these social media platforms and the strategy to earn money online in future posts. For now, I will explain about youtube.

You may have heard about people who are earning money online using youtube! Yes. you heard it right.

All you need is to create a youtube channel by choosing your niche, gain 1000 subscribers and complete 4000 watch hours (in a year) to monetise.

I will share unique youtube channel ideas to start soon in future posts!


Yes, blogging is from years and it will be!

Majority of the people earn money online through Blogging!

What is blogging and how to earn money online?

Blogging is writing what you know or solving user problems or sharing your thoughts/experience.

In simple terms, you need to write about a particular subject which people might be searching for.

Blogging is a vast subject and it takes time to build and get organic traffic and earn money online.

You need to choose a niche or micro niche topic to start your blogging career. On a high level, the blogging journey starts as below

#1 : Choose a niche
#2 : Choose domain name
#3 : Choose hosting service
#4 : Install theme or wordpress
#5 : Write 15-20 posts and do SEO
#6 : Write important pages like AboutUs, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer.
#7 : Market your blog
#8 : Monetize your blog using AdSense or other ad networks to earn money

Choosing a niche/ micro niche is quite difficult. But don’t worry, I will be sharing unique ideas too in my blog income duniya

Mobile Apps

My favorite area to earn money online as earned my first 100$.

Mobile Apps are even better ways to earn money online. You need to plan your app and target the right audience to make some income.

You need skills to build mobile apps or you can buy apps which suits your requirement from major online stores or you can hire a freelancer to build your app.

How to earn money from mobile apps?

Once you build and upload your app to play store, you can monetize your app using AdMob or Facebook ads or even other 3rd party ads.

If you hire a freelancer to build the app, then you can share the app source code to generate decent income as a product!

My experience on Mobile Apps: I have uploaded 3-5 mobile apps and successful in earning a decent income every year. I will share unique ideas as well as the strategies or free resources to build your app in future posts.


Any thing you do for others is a service and you get paid for!

Services include all the business areas like freelancing, teaching online, drop shipping, guest posts etc. Anything that includes you to spend time and deliver the projects to others is a service.

You need to be skilled in a particular area so that you can service others request online. Be it a graphic design , video editing, teaching, or freelancing.

By providing service, you can earn money online easily. With time bound, you need to deliver it on time so that you showcase yourself.

Some of the services you can provide online

#1 : Graphic Design
#2 : Video Editing
#3 : Software/App developer (Freelance)
#4 : Teaching
#5 : Drop shipping
#6 : Singing
#7 : Writing Lyrics

and the list goes on…


As per my experience, these are the different ways you can use to earn money online. My motto of this blog is to share all sort of ides to earn money online.

Be it blogging or youtube channel or apps or products.

We need some idea to start with and I am here to help you with that!

I will be sharing my insights, plans, ideas and strategies to start your online journey to earn money online soon.

Do comment your thoughts!

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