About Us

Hello friend, welcome to incomeduniya.com. Another web hub where you find legit information about online and offline income ideas.  

Myself Sabith and I am a programmer by profession and a hobby blogger. Apart from my full time job I am passionate about making money online with and without any investment. 

I have been learning and applying my ideas and the skills to make some passive income. 

Believe me, I did it!!! I have earned a decent amount online and it did fill my pocket as well as my heart with happiness and joy.

Even before knowing the abcd of online income i was just doing it wrong. I started my online journey through google blog i.e blogspot or blogger. 

I created my first blog in 2008 and I was not knowing anything about it. What is a blog or even the knowledge of making some cash out of it. 

Years passed and completed my education.9-8 job was my lifestyle. Even though the inner mind was not happy but for the sake of leading life I had no other option.

Why am I keen about online Income?

2020 is an year to remember. This is the year which knocked every one’s fear about their leaving. A year which made each one of us to think and answer these questions.

What if I lose my job tomorrow? 

What if I lose my pay from now?

What if I am fired immediately because of covid?

What if I am not paid for a few months?

What if I don’t get any job for a few months?

All questions related to our survival 🙂 

Even before covid, I was very much interested to find a passive income stream. Work once, earn lifetime. A model or a system or you call whatever, which I was looking for years.

Financial Freedom – a term which fascinates me to work hard and make my life as well as my society helpful.

What next?

I am here to help myself and you to grow online as well as offline. I wanna share my knowledge, experience and skills to make money online. 

I created this blog to share ideas which really work as I tested it and made some money. I will share my income proof.

I will be sharing not just ideas but how to start an online business. How to start a blog, what blog to start with, what content to post, keyword ideas and many more in terms of Blogging.

Similarly, on youtube and mobile apps. Also other profitable niche to choose and make money online.

If you have any technical questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email me – sabithbyar@gmail.com



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