How to start a lyrics blog and earn money

Every time a new song goes viral people start to share it on social media platform available.

Not only new songs but all time ever green songs hits the social media now and then.

A large volume of masses are really searching for “lyrics

In this post I will be sharing my personal experience on how to start a lyrics blog and earn money online with all the free resources available as well as some with some investment.

What is a Lyrics blog?

A blog where in you get lyrics for the songs. From movie songs to regional songs including ballads, lullabies, love songs, mourning songs, dance songs, work songs, ritual songs, spiritual songs, social songs , patriotic songs and many more.

As you see, there is large category in this lyrics blog niche itself. You can target any one category to start with.

Why Lyrics Blog?

Now you know what a lyrics blog is. For every blog content is the king! and hence this niche never go out of content!

You know what is total number of songs in the world?

approximately 97 million songs!!!

According to MusicHype CEO Kevin King, that’s how many songs are in the world!

So now you know the power of lyrics blog content. You never go out of content. You just need to target right audience and the category I mentioned above.

Lyrics Blog Traffic Analysis

Now you got to know about lyrics blog and its power in terms of content. But how about the traffic?

the ultimate goal of any blog is to get organic traffic and earn money. So our next question how much traffic a lyrics blog would make.

Here are few example for you to get motivated about the traffic.

Lyrics keyword itself has a huge search volume every month. check out below screenshot about the monthly search volume for lyrics keyword.

When you target a specific keyword like “hanuman chalisa lyrics“. Check out below search volume for this keyword.

Now lets see some of the lyrics blogs and their monthly traffic.

Pretty cool traffic right? so now lets see how to start a lyrics blog and what all the things required.

How to start a Lyrics blog for free!?

  1. Choose the category for the lyrics blog. Category here is the micro niche in lyrics blog. Be it a patriotic songs lyrics blog or movie songs lyrics blog.
  2. Choose the language of the blog to be in. English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali etc.
  3. Listen to the song and write the content or copy paste from other sites if its already available. As the lyrics won’t change.
  4. Be unique it terms of writing. Make sure to follow a structure in the lyrics blog. Structure like below

    Some introduction about the song lyrics and then the details about the song followed by video link and then song lyrics.

Song name Lyrics in Language from the movie Movie Name, sung by Singer name. The song is written by Writer Name and music created by Music Director Name. Starring Actor Name in and as Actor Name. Music Label Name.

Youtube link of the song so that its easy to listen and learn the lyrics

Followed by the song lyrics in as per the language you chose

Hosting Lyrics Blog for Free

Now I hope you are clear with the lyrics blog idea. Next thing is to host your lyrics blog using free services or paid ones.

If you do not have enough money to purchase a domain and host then you can use you can start your blogger journey with googles free blogger platform and once your site rank and gets traffic you can upgrade your blog.

If you are ready to invest then you can purchase a domain and hosting. Use good wordpress theme and start posting the content.

Lyrics blog Plagiarism Issue?

No, there is no plagiarism penalties for the lyrics you write or copy as the song lyrics does not change. But you have to give proper credits of Music artist, Singer, Music Label as these terms are most important for the lyrics website.

How much revenue to be expected?

Lyrics site have low revenue as the content does not hold much value. But you can get high traffic to your site if you target the right keyword or trending songs in the market.

The more the traffic and the clicks the higher the income you can generate from the blog.

Lyrics blog keywords to start with

to get started with lyrics blog here are some of the keywords you can target with

hanuman chalisa lyrics

hanuman chalisa lyrics in english

hindi song lyrics

love song lyrics

sad song lyrics

love lyrics

old hindi sons

My Personal Experience

I started my blogging journey with lyrics blog. As mentioned above I chose the category and the songs which no where available on the internet.

I used to listen the song and write it in my regional language. From then I worked on building an app. Now I own 3 apps and all the content are in 3 different languages.

I will detail about the app journey in another post soon.

So far I have made 300$+ from lyrics app and I know it will be a lifetime passive earning for me. I have invested my time and money once and earning now.

Here is my blogger blog which I started in my regional language for your reference.

If you have any questions do comment and let me know. I would be happy to guide you.


In my opinion lyrics blog is a good idea to start with your blogging journey. Personally, I used to be lazy in writing and hence choose this niche as the content is unlimited.

Choose what best for your community or language. I don’t recommend you to start a hindi movie songs lyrics blog right now. Rather, do some research and find if you can write lyrics which is not available on internet.

Yes there are songs and no lyrics for it. This may be your perfect lyrics blog niche to start with. I started with my regional language and a community oriented blog and its successful now. I will be sharing more about it soon.

So what you are waiting for? Grab a cup of tea/coffee and think whether blog lyrics is a super niche idea for you or not?

Thanks for reading!

If you find the article useful do share and comment your thoughts.

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