Recording Studio Setup Cost and Income Analysis

In this post I will be sharing my personal experience about the cost involved in recording studio setup and what all the requirements you need to start with. I will be sharing my income from this professional recording studio.

Recently, I invested in building a recording studio near my place with the help of my friends. And this was my first offline business I ever thought of.

Recording Studio Setup Background

I had plans to build a recording studio and my friends pitched in. We got a decent place to start our venture. We were completely new to this business. My friends have visited few studios and have sung as well.

We got a place which was 8*12 and had to plan in such a small room. Initially we had different plans about the setup and finally we figured out a room plan.

We got in touch with local vendor who could do the interior design works for the recording studio setup.

Recording Studio Setup Plan

As the area was very small 8*12, we divided it to two. One for the singing area another as admin.

The inner area was further divided into two regions. One for the mixer and other for singing. The main reason for this was the building was near to highway.

We planned to used 12mm glass for sound proof and this worked very well.

Recording Studio Setup Cost

Initially we planned to have the setup done under Rs. 1,50,000 but later we had to invest more as the finishing touch and other prices cost us.

Interior DesignRs. 1,00,000
Labor ChargeRs. 35,000
Personal Computer Rs. 25,000
Studio MicRs. 14,000
Studio MonitorRs. 12,000
Audio InterfaceRs. 14,000
Air ConditionerRs. 33,000
Exterior Design (Paint & others)Rs. 15,000
InvertorRs. 17000
Others (installation, plugins etc)Rs. 10000
Recording studio cost

We had to invest Rs.1,00,000+ more once we started the studio setup.

Recording Studio Setup Requirements

If you are planning to build a home or professional recording studio then you need below things.

Personal Computer : A PC is a must to do all record and mix the audio. We spent around Rs. 25,000 for a second hand desktop PC which had 8GB RAM, i3 processor and 500GB harddisk.

We ordered this from a local vendor who was a known guy. All the installation was pre-built and required software was also installed on demand.

Studio Mic : We order Audio Technica AT 2020 from Amazon which was pretty decent for studio at this price range. We spoke to local vendors and everyone charged higher price around 13K.

It’s been 3 months this microphone is in a good condition and we have taken more than 90 recordings so far.

Studio Monitor : Initially, we thought of ordering it from local vendor and again all of the items we priced high. None were ready to compromise for online price and hence we had to order it from Amazon again.

We order PreSonus Eris E3.5 2 for a decent price around Rs.11,000 and got delivered in 5 days. This is a beast for this price range and after going through user reviews we order it and we don’t regret.

Audio Interface : One of the must for better audio quality. Again the local vendors priced high and we ordered in from Amazon. We ordered Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) as we might need 2 input at the same time. One for instruments other for vocal.

Apart for these crucial things we had to buy AC and Invertor for all time availability and customer service. As the area we started our venture is too hot. It’s Mangalore!!!

Recording Studio Income

Initially we planned to have it cost effective studio as there was no studio near by. But, later on we got orders for 1-2 min audio recordings as well. We then had to change our pricing model.

We charge Rs.500 as a standard recording charge. Apart from these, we get orders from client for a song which include writing the lyrics, singing and mixing the song. These orders for birthday, wedding ceremony, house warming ceremony etc.

Lyrics writer would charge Rs.500 and singer also charger Rs.500 and studio charges would be Rs.300. So, for a single song order we priced Rs.1300.

Apart from this, for one to two minutes song we charged Rs.150-250 as per the time the studio was used.

Income Analysis

The income varies every week. Some weeks we got more orders and some times none. On an average we used to make Rs.3000-4000 per week.

In this initial stages the business would be ok ok but once you get the flavor of audio mixing people come to you from far places too.

So, its all in the hands of mixer who would make the song even more beautiful.

Final thoughts

Is recording studio setup a good investment?

Definitely Yes!

You can start with home studio first if you do not even enough money to start a office. You need to get comfortable with the software’s you use.

We use cubase and FL studio for recording and creating beats. Most of the singers prefer cubase as it’s easy to use as well as good number of plugins available in the market.

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FAQ’s on Recording Studio Setup

how to make a recording studio in your room

All you need is a Studio Mic, Monitor and an Audio Interface with a Desktop or Laptop to start with. You need DAW software to record and mix the audio.

how much does a good home recording studio cost

With basic studio quality equipment’s like audio interface, monitor and recording mic it costs around 30K-40K. If you need beginner setup then it would cost even lesser.

how much does a recording studio make a year

It depends on the area where it is setup. In rural area it might cost less and in urban area it costs high. On an average, recording studio can Rs.2-3Lkh in rural places.

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