The Blogging Secret for High Traffic!!!

Planning to start a new blog as a side hustle and earn extra income? So you need to know the blogging secret for high traffic. Before you start blogging don’t miss to read this post about the blogging secret to make money online.

This is not another blog post to guide you how to start a blog...but it's more about what you need to know even before you start a blog and the blogging secret for high traffic.

So, you made up your mind to start a Blog and make some money?


So, now you are ready to buy a domain and use Blogspot or paid hosting to start your blogging journey?


Wait, before you do that read below my experience and thoughts. I assure you will be happy and thankful after reading the post.

Before your start blogging – you need to know what, why and how of blogging and have some knowledge about it.

What is Blogging?

In my words, its just sharing your thoughts, learnings, experiences, knowledge or even helping others to solve their problem.

Basically, a blog is a web page or a type of website where you share information.

Is it only related to writing?


You can even share a photography or a video.

So, Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online

Why Blogging?

It Depends!

Yes, it depends on the blogger.

Blogger may blog just to share some info with online world Or blogging or writing is a hobby or to make money online or even choose blogging as a career.

So, the motto of blogging varies from person to person. I am here blogging to share my experience as well as earn some money out of it.

Before, I explain how to blog? I would like to share the things you need to know before you start a blog

So, the Why of blogging is still not complte.

The ultimate goal of a blog is to get Traffic!!!

Yes, every blogger’s ultimate goal is to attract more and more organic traffic to his/her site. And then only the blogger can earn or get notified.

So, how to get traffic? is the ultimate question every blogger have.

Blogging Secret for high traffic!

Even before you think to purchase a domain and hosting I recommend to have an audience built around you or you should be very good at SEO and this is the blogging secret!!!


Yes, you need a group of people to share your blog with. Blogging is long term process. You need to market your blog end of the day. So, why not market it even before?

The other part of blogging secret is SEO. You should know what is SEO and how to get organic traffic, finding low competition keywords and so on.

But, what if you have 1 lakh followers on fb page or group?

You don’t need to do all these SEO. All you need is this big group.

How to Build Audience

Building audience in this era is not a big deal. All you need to have some social account. Here, I meant a Facebook group or page, insta page, twitter account, pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora etc.

Facebook would be a good start. All you need to is to create a group or page which is related to your blog niche.

For example, I have a fb page with 13K+ followers and my niche is Education. I mainly post stuffs related to History, Current Affairs, Maps, Exams, Notes etc.

Start posting some catchy contents and share it with other groups.

The more you collaborate with other groups, the more people join your group.

Similarly, build your audience in other social media too.

Once you have enough audience, it’s easier for you to promote your blogs, apps, products etc.

Market Your Blog

From my experience, it not always 100% that your audience turn out to you always when you share your blog link.

So, you need to market your blog to others as well.

how to market your blog?

You need to list all the websites where you can share your blog posts for free and get do-follow backlinks.

Yes, this is a process of link building. Some of the websites where you can share your blogs.

  6. and many more…

These websites will help you to share you website links and helps your blog to be noticed.

Answer in Forums

Another thing I learnt is to answer the public in any platform’s. There are many forums which many people know and have lot of questions to be answered.

Quora is one such platform which has millions of traffic. All you need to do is answer what people are looking for and direct them to your blog.

You need to build the trust online and help others to help yourself.

Simialry, google question hub is another platform by google where you can submit your blog url directly as an answer for the questions.

This way you need to market your blog.

Follow and Read Blogs

You need to follow and read other blogs in your category and actively comment in those blogs. This way you learn to help other and help yourself.

Not just blogs, but also videos. Learn the basic of blogging, SEO, digial marketing etc by watching videos.


I hope by now you got some insight about my thoughts on getting traffic to any site. All you need to do is build audience, connect with people, solve their problem, learn from expertise and implement what you learned.

Do comment your thoughts and I will be updating the secrets as and when I try something new on my blogs.

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FAQ’s on Blogging and The Blogging Secret for High Traffic

Why is blogging still a good idea in 2021? Do you recommend people to write a blog and earn?

Knowledge is power, content is king, Information is crucial and you get all these in blogs. So blogging is always a good option in 2021 as well in 2201. Yes, I do recommend people to blog in their regional language and share the knowledge and make money out of it.

How successful can a blogger be?

Depends on how serious you are are blogging. Are you blogging for a career or just as a hobby.

What is a blog exactly, and how do I earn from it as a beginner?

Basically, a blog is a web page or a type of website where you share information. As a beginner you can earn from displaying ads and affiliate marketing and also by selling your products or services.

Should I use “Blogger” as my blogging platform as a beginner?

Depends! If you can invest then you buy paid hosting services and domain. If you are not ready to invest, then buy domain and connect to blogger as hosting services. If you can’t afford to buy a domain too, then use blogger!

Which is a better platform to earn money, freelancing, YouTube, or blogging?

If you think you can get more orders then Freelancing is the first choice. You provide service and get the money. Close the deal!
Blogging would be my second choice as YouTube has lot of rules and regulations now a days. Just posting content is not Blogging. You need to know the “secret to get traffic” to your site. apart from it you need to know how a blog is setup and other technical stuffs.
YouTube would be my last choice. With 1K sub and 4K watch hours what kind of content you plan for? You need to brainstorm your content ideas, make video, edit it, create thumbnail, add attractive title, description and tags. Oops! Not so easy as we think.

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