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In this post I am going to share a unique micro niche blog which is related to decoration ideas to start your online blogging journey.

If you are new to blogging and looking for a micro niche to start with then you are at the right place.

I will be sharing a unique micro niche blog idea as well as some topics or keywords for you to start with. Let’s quickly jump into the idea!

Decoration Ideas Blog Niche

Did you know decoration is a part of our life? Do you agree with me?

From our bedroom to public all the things we see are decorated to look beautiful. Be it our home or social festival or functions we decorate to look beautiful.

so, we do search for some unique, creative and different decoration ideas now and then.

What is the idea of this blog?

Decoration Ideas - micro niche blog mainly focuses on providing unique, creative and different decoration ideas.

Who are the targeted audience?

Audience who are keen and interested to decorate their personal or public stuffs. May be a design person or anyone in general.

What are the blog post ideas?

Many people search to decorate for a birthday party, home, wall , room, special occasions etc.

I hope you are clear with the idea now? Let’s see a list of decoration ideas to start with.

Top 50 Decoration Ideas blog List

  1. homemade ganpati decoration ideas
  2. birthday decoration ideas
  3. home decoration ideas
  4. wall decoration ideas
  5. holi decoration ideas
  6. room decoration ideas
  7. birthday decoration ideas at home
  8. diwali decoration ideas
  9. cake decoration ideas
  10. christmas decoration ideas
  11. balloon decoration ideas
  12. balcony decoration ideas
  13. halloween decoration ideas
  14. wedding decoration ideas
  15. janmashtami decoration ideas
  16. baby shower decoration ideas
  17. homemade ganpati decoration ideas
  18. diya drawing decoration ideas
  19. stage decoration ideas
  20. office decoration ideas
  21. garden decoration ideas
  22. engagement decoration ideas
  23. seemantham decoration ideas at home
  24. diwali decoration ideas for home
  25. file decoration ideas
  26. flower decoration ideas
  27. anniversary decoration ideas
  28. computer lab decoration ideas
  29. diya decoration ideas
  30. paper decoration ideas
  31. table decoration ideas
  32. birthday room decoration ideas
  33. haldi decoration ideas at home
  34. birthday decoration ideas at home with balloons
  35. innovative ganpati decoration ideas for home
  36. bottle decoration ideas
  37. paper craft ideas for wall decoration
  38. 1st birthday decoration ideas
  39. party decoration ideas
  40. christmas tree decoration ideas
  41. pot decoration ideas
  42. classroom decoration ideas
  43. door decoration ideas
  44. chocolate cake decoration ideas
  45. aquarium decoration ideas
  46. hall decoration ideas
  47. new year decoration ideas
  48. light decoration ideas
  49. ganpati decoration ideas with flowers
  50. wedding stage decoration ideas

You can use above list to write blog posts and start blogging.

Decoration Blog case study

You may have a questions like is it worth to start a decoration blog? Does it get traffic?

Let me tell you something about this blog niche.

When you search for available blogs/website under this niche you find majority of the blogs focusing on “home design”.

But not a specific blog/website which talk about the list which I mentioned above.

Now we know that there are not much competition in decoration blog niche. Let’s analyze the traffic.

Decoration Ideas Blog Traffic

I did some keyword research and shocked to see the results. There is a large volume of search happening every month but there are no good results found.

What I meant is – demand is more supply is less!

So this is what we need. Find micro blog niche which has low competition but large search volume.

Let me share a keyword for you to start with – “homemade ganpati decoration ideas

If you google for this keyword, you will be shocked to see the number of searches per month versus the result available in google.

Quite cool and very powerful micro niche blog. Isn’t it?

How to start Decoration Ideas blog?

For any blog to start you need to have a wesite/blog. So, the first thing is to register a domain or even you can start with blogspot.

#1 : Choose a domain name – catchy word related to decoration
#2 : Choose blogspot or paid hosting
#3 : Install blogger template or wordpress theme
#4 : Add basic pages to your blog
#5 : Use top 50 decoration ideas list as your keyword
#6 : Write posts about an idea, collect or draw some images available or self clicked ones
#7 : Share your blog post in social media – pinterest, instagram, facebook etc
#8 : Grab audience to your site with SEO and marketing
#9 : Monetize your blog with AdSense or 3rd party ads
#10 : Find affiliate products in this area to make some money using affiliate marketing.


If you are looking for a micro niche blog idea then decoration ideas is a good one to start with.

You need to need to be creative in this area as this itself is a creative work. You can get started with free blogger and write/collect some creative decoration designs and post in your blog.

Use this top 50 decoration ideas blog list as keyword and write blog posts for each idea and do some SEO.

I hope you like this micro niche blog idea!!!

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