Top 10 Unique blog niche ideas for 2021

If you are new to blogging and wondering what blogging topic to choose and write on? then you came to right place. Here you will find unique blog niche ideas for 2021 to start with.

I believe you know what is blogging and how to start your blogging journey. If you don’t know please read this before you start one.

When you think of blogging always think of content which is not available in video form or not so important in video content. Example, a job detail, picode, IFSC codes etc. All these are to be searched rather than youtubed!!!

So, let’s see what are some of the unique blog niche ideas you can start in 2021.

Unique blog niche ideas for 2021

Highlighted below are the unique blog niche ideas for 202 which I am going to share with you in this post

  1. A Word Blog
  2. Regional Lyrics Blog
  3. Decoration Blog
  4. Question Paper PDF Blog
  5. Celebrity Blog
  6. Quotes and Video Status Blog

A Word Blog

What is the opposite of opposite word? A word blog is basically about opposite words, similar words, meaning in different language etc. This blog niche idea really has huge traffic potential as people search for specific word details in terms of opposite or similar words.

The target audience for this blog is people who are preparing for government or other public exams. If you look into any of the question papers of these exams you will see there will be a section on words related to opposite words, similar words, meaning of the words etc.

So, start a word blog in your regional language. As most of the blogs are in English, be different and unique. People do search word meaning in native languages.

Example : this blog is in Kannada and only has opposite words and meaning. Every word blog post is unique keyword and you can get a decent traffic for it.

Word blog is an example for unique micro niche blogging.

Regional Lyrics Blog

Probably you make have come across lyrics blog in general. But, I am not talking about that. This niche idea is about regional language lyrics.

The blog post idea for this is obviously lyrics but it should be in your native/regional language. And the lyrics you are going to write is not from any movies but it should be religious kind.

Example : this website is posting lyrics for madh songs in Kannada and Malayalam languages. Madh Song refers to songs related to prophets and in praise of him.

Apart from that, you can write patriotic songs lyrics, community songs lyrics and many more in this niche.

Even you can write any movie songs in your native language! You can read more about Regional Lyrics blog here

Decoration Blog

Well, India is country where you see lots and lots of festival every year. People try to celebrate these festivals in unique fashion. All these celebrations need to be decorated and people are looking for creative and unique decoration ideas.

Decoration blog niche idea basically about decoration and it targets all the major events decoration.

You may not have much to write in this blog category but you need to click pics and post it or you do decorate and share the same.

Keyword search is important and you can find very low competition keywords but with large search volume. Check out this blog for more info about decoration blog and low competition keywords to start now.

Question Paper PDF Blog

Every state in India have public sector exams every year. Hundred to thousands of aspirants apply for these jobs and start preparing for it. So, every one would be interested to search for previous year question paper to start.

All the information these aspirants are looking for is Question Paper in PDF formats. This is a micro niche blog category again where you are trying to solve a problem of a thousands of aspirants.

how to start question paper pdf blog? All you need is to update yourself with public sector job notification and start working on those “job related keywords” to start with. Once you get to know what exam is announced, start working on it. Google out some previous years questions papers, quizzes, one liner question answers etc.

This way you can top the blog. Some example like IAS, KAS, KPSC, UPSC are good to start analysis. On the similar line you can find many public sector exams as well.

Celebrity Biography

In the world of internet and entertainment people love to know more about their celebrities. Celebrity and gossip blog are very famous to check out for more information.

It’s interesting and human physiology to read about others i.e gossip and that too of celebrities is a fest. Things like breakups, secret relationships, new babies, weddings, illnesses and so much more can help to keep the blog exciting for those who read it.

From the good to the bad, to the scandalous, there’s little that isn’t discussed in these blogs. This makes them highly popular with those who are interested in the celebrity world.

So, what you can focus on celebrity blog? All you need to write is about their basic info, relationship status, upcoming movies, breakups, love life and many more. Always check for what’s trending in their life.

Not just celebrities form movies, you can cover topics related to serial actor/actress, youtube stars, world champions, news anchors etc.

Quotes and Video Status Blog

Yet another high trending topic in the market is status video. Even though there are lot’s of apps in the market to cater status videos still there is a demand in the market for regional content.

All you need is to have some skills in video editing and make some awesome edits. On the other hand, image editing for creative look and feel yet provide powerful quotes for day to day use.

Quotes tend to change people thoughts. Be it a simple morning quotes or a motivational, it does magic. Quotes are readily available in the web and all you need to do is create classic piece of images or videos out of it.


The list is not complete! I have lot more ideas to share with you. I will be doing the same in future posts soon. Hope these unique blog niche ideas for 2021 would help you to get started.

Pickup your choice of niche and start working on it. Hope you see success soon. It takes time to build a online career. All you need is to be disciplined, dedicated and stay motivated not to give up soon.

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