Best YouTube channel ideas for beginners 2021

Hello friend, in this post I am going to share YouTube channel ideas for beginners . These are unique and creative. You can really make use of it to grow your channel and make some money online.

You may be thinking to start a new youtube channel and wondering what niche or topics you should cover. Thinking onit over and over again and end up doing nothing.

Below I have shared awesome and creative YouTube channel ideas for beginners to start with.

I hope you don’t find these unique and educational content elsewhere. Let’s start.

Professional Career

Often times we know few top level professionals. These includes Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers, Accountants and Designers so on. But you know there are plenty of other professionals too who earn in lakhs per month. So why can’t you interview those professionals who are in this list and not?

So basically the idea of Professioanl careers is to interview individuals who work in MNC or government jobs and ask about their educational background, finances for the course, how they got a job, job functionality and package etc.

This will help lot of students and educate them to choose a different career and build a life. You can find more details here

Career Advice

Similar to the professional career, in this channel idea you need to identify all the career which people know and people are not aware of.

Explain in details on – how to become a data analyst or how to become a nurse or how to become a account or any professional. It’s not just a professional career guide but also tap on the market where people make money.

Even you can provide guidance about business. How to start “a particular” business and make your career.

Drawing Challenge

Check out for most viewed drawings or sketches and try to challenge yourself and your audience about how they do it.

It will be a real fun when you draw something new and if you dont know to draw. For this channel idea, you need to have a whiteboard to demonstrate your drawing skills.

To start, search for genie drawing and try to draw your own genie. Record video until you make a perfect genie.

You can include your family and friends to make a challenging video.

Educational Stories

Are you good at story telling? then you need give it a try. Pick a unique story telling concepts which should be a kind of educational as well as intersting.

It all depends on your story telling skill ultimately and also what story you pick. I am not talking about general stories for kids, or romance stories.

Some example to think what this niche is about.

Have you heard about dark and deep web? It’s really interesting as well as scary too. Gather all the information about these topic and narrate in your way.

It should be educational as well thought provoking stuff. Similarly, you can research on true historical events, future predictions, did you know, how to etc.

Youtube Shorts

Can’t create 5 to 10 minutes videos for Youtube weekly? Then youtube has Youtube Shorts. A new feature by Youtube similar to tiktok, whatsapp status and other socail apps.

You can make use of this concept to create a new youtube channel. So, what youtube channel ideas for beginners would help in shorts?

Below are some of interesting topics/niches to start with.

  1. Explain About a Subject (Blogging, Youtube, Social Media, DM, Academic subjects etc)
  2. Facts – explain “did you know” kind of stuffs
  3. Travel – explain about various places near to you and in other cities, states etc. What is so special about those places
  4. Sports – pick any sports and explain about its history and most know players till now in each field.
  5. Education – plenty of subjects. You can choose short current affairs, history, science facts, math problems, quiz, puzzle questions etc
  6. Famous Personalities – explain some facts about famous personalities.
  7. What Special Day Today- explain what is special about today? Each and every day is celebrated in different countries in many ways. you can get more info here
    and the list is quite BIG!!!

Editing Tutorials

With WhatsApp status introduction in the market, every other social platforms are now behind short stories and videos.

Most of the time you see text animated, image animated or video overlays video editing making rounds in all social media platforms.

I am not saying you to create short status videos! Naa…

Rather, if you know how these are created then why can’t you share the world? How to edit a video or how to make a splash video, how to animate text.

You can see similar concept is Youtube. You can start the same in your native language.

Language Tutorials

Another ocean of topics you can look into. All alone in India we have 21 languages. now you can think of the potential.

You may be from north or south but you will be proficient in one or two languages for sure.

English is one language every one wish to learn. Also, people want to learn other languages. If not at a professional or proficient speaker level but a very basic level of asking some basic questions and informations.

So what you can start?

  1. Language translation – Hindi to English or English to Hindi or Hindi to Kannada or Kannada to Hindi etc.
  2. Language based exams preparation guide. A channel where you share about “opposite words in XYZ langues” or “Similar words in XYZ langues”
  3. Tenses in any XYZ langues and comparison
  4. How to Talk basics – in a different language etc


You may know this concept but this is not just for celebrities or famous personalities. You can share biography about new and budding actors, sport persons, famous youtubers, singers, news anchors, politicians etc.

Even this topic is huge. You need to cut down for specific niche in it. Like famous Youtubers around the world, basic info, martial status, youtube earnings, house, car, spouse etc.


If you are a homemaker and you know how to draw rangoli then you should start shooting your rangoli designs.

Many ladies (even gents) wants to learn or practice new designs to draw every day or for festive occasions in front of home or in temples or even school or college competitions.

You no need to talk or show your face. Just place the camera at a position and start drawing the rangoli. No edit is required if you think you dont know how to edit videos.

Social Media News

Are you interested in political news or any other special category news? Then you can start a channel to discuss your view when celebrities tweet something or share moments in socail media.

Collect some info about whats going behind that tweet or comment and how people as reacting to it. It’s a review kind of channel idea.

Nail Polishing

If you are passionate about nail polishing this is for you! No need to show face or talk. You just need to show the design you have.

Take a cam or mobile before you paint your nails! That’s it


Similar to nail polishing, Mehndi is also an art. Preferred mostly in all occasions across all native. All the girls out there prefer to try new designs for the special occasion.

So, if you know how to draw Mehndi then what you are waiting for?


The list is not yet complete. The ideas are unlimited. You just need to find a problem to solve. Not true that the problem should be big. Even a small problem would be enough to solve. You need to find that problem and provide solution.

Do comment and let us know what you have in your mind!

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