4 Top Youtube Video Cutter Online and Downloader services

In this post I wanna share about useful list of youtube video cutter online and download the clip.

So, you want to extract favorite scenes fro youtube video but not sure how to do it? I am going to share few list of online youtube video cutter and download here which I use personally.

To crop and cut a specific scene you don’t need to program as such. All you need is the youtube link and to know which video trimming web service is best

So, let’ see the best available youtube video cutter online.


Getfromyt is an online service that help you download free Youtube Video with lightening speed because of our CDN. Not only download the videos but also cut a specif part of the video and then download.

This is best as most of the video cutter online services have a watermark in them. Getfromyt.com is a watermark free youtube video cutter and downloader.

It also use various open-source tools for cutting videos or extracting audio from the video. Easy to use, the fastest free youtube downloader service you can find on the internet.

How To Use GetfromYt.com Service?

Step 1: Go to YouTube.

Step 2: Search for videos you want to get.

Step 3: Copy the link.

Step 4: Go to getfromyt.com and paste this link into the search box.

Step 5: Choose the type file. It is available for Mp3 and Mp4.

Step 6: Click “enter” or the “submit” button.

Step 7: Click “Download Now” and finish!!!


Clideo is an online video editing service provider which can be used to cut your favorite scenes from youtube and then download the same. Cliedo has got many features for video editing.

To cut youtube clip and download all you need is a youtube video link and below steps to follow.

How to use Clideo youtube video cutter online and download the video?

Step 1 : Open Clideo Cut Video link
Step 2 : Paste youtube video link and Go
Step 3 : Modify Cut from , sec or adjust the video selection and hit Export

You can download the video to Google Drive, Dropbox or Download to PC directly.

That’s it. It’s really easy to use.


Veed.io is another awesome online youtube video cutter and downloader. You got to have Free as well as paid plans to edit videos on it.

It has lot of features to create videos online and also can be used to cut youtube video scenes and download as well. To cut specific scene from youtube all you need is a youtube link and follow below steps.

Step 1 : Open video.io
Step 2 : Copy and paste the youtube link and hit Enter.

Video.io will process the video and makes the video ready to edit and download.

YT Cutter

Simple yet another powerful online web service provide which helps to download youtube video by cutting our favorite scenes. It has a clean and intuitive interface and provides numerous download options.

The process is simple. First, paste the URL of the YouTube video you’d like to trim and press the Enter key or Start button (on the page).

Once video is loaded you can see the UI controls on the left which can be used to set the start and end times for the video. You can also use the < and > buttons to increase and decrease your current paused time by tenths of a second, allowing you to precisely select parts of the video.

Once you have start and end times set, you can click the Preview button to play your selection and see if it’s to Ok. If you are satisfied, you can download your selected clip in various formats.

Click the Download button to reveal four options:

  • Video file: An MP4 file of your clip (with audio)
  • GIF animations: An animated GIF image of your clip
  • Audio file: An MP3 file of your clip (no video)
  • Screenshot: A high-resolution screenshot of the start of your clip


The list is not limited to just two or three. I will be updating as an when I get to see new service providers online. As of now these two service providers are doing there job perfectly!

If you have any other services you came across to download cut youtube video and download then do comment.

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Can we cut youtube videos and download?

Yes, you can use online services like Clideo,Veedi.io, YTCutter to cut youtube clips and download for free.

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